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Red Bull

Red Bull is a fearless, dynamic, incurably curious organization. Their energy drink success along with their sponsorships, promotions and ability to rapidly innovate on a massive scale has propelled their brand to worldwide prominence.

They are always full of huge ideas, constantly looking to push the envelope, break new ground and forge new territory.  In other words, they give us wings!

When Red Bull was invited to participate in the launch of Google’s Chromecast in 2013, we were the agency they trusted to make sure that this vital project was delivered on time and without a hitch, making Red Bull TV’s awesome shows accessible to millions of new viewers. We earned that trust through years of delivering unique solutions to the challenges of connecting to the ever-expanding audience for Red Bull content, events, and information.

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The Audition

Our first gig for Red Bull, in 2009, was to create a full-screen, interactive Flash experience with a big-budget video intro and amazing 3D broken glass effects featuring professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. The result was something truly incredible that blurred the lines between photography, video and digital effects with the web.

They also turned to us to pioneer a solution that provided Ryan with an automatically updating website that was integrated into his life, not the other way around. And later on, when Ryan wanted to have a webcasting installation in his private training facility that he could kick off with the push of a single button, we were the guys who made that happen, too.

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More to know

When Red Bull wanted to make it simpler for photographers from all around the globe to provide photos and other content from their international events, they turned to us. We figured out a new, innovative way for content providers to upload files quickly and easily with a management system that was intuitive and tailored to their specific needs. Our solution helped save massive amounts of time and led to a huge increase in the amount of overall content Red Bull was able to provide to fans around the world.

There’s a reason an innovation powerhouse like Red Bull likes to work with Baby Steps. We have the same spirit of adventure, the same passion to break new ground, and the same belief that anything is possible. They know that whatever new initiative they throw our way, it’s something we can make happen for them. And the further they challenge the boundaries of digital creativity, the more we will love working with them.

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